Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Illeagal Dumping Along Maryland Pepco. Lines

Illegal dumping within a Montgomery County land purchase, as well as on Pepco property has been a serious problem affecting this DC suburb community. The dumping is occurring in at least two separate locations on land which Pepco owns; one of which being next to the 258-acre Serpentine Barrens Conservation Park. The park is home to a rare ecosystem of pockmarked bedrock and supports 20 rare species of plants. Local residents and some county officials are concerned that the dumping will "[smother] the habitat for the native plants and animals that the land [purchase] was intended to preserve." Frustration among residents and some county officials is building because of the county's failure to act in order to preserve the park and stop the dumping.

Are there any areas in and around your community that have become over-run with trash? Can you think of any ways in which dumping can affect the environment and the surrounding community?

You could create a blog, similar to this one, and post pictures and journal entries that address and/or document dumping, littering, etc... in your community. You could write a community action newsletter to encourage others to help combat this issue. Be sure to include how/ why dumping and/ or littering is a problem, as well as discuss possible solutions to this environmental atrocity.

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