Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Environment, You, and the Community Assignment

This past unit has been focused on environmental change, how we affect the environment, the recent wave of environmentalism ("the green revolution"), and how all these topics/ issues affect you and our area. It is now your turn to take action!

Think about the radio broadcasts/ podcasts that we've listened to as well as the newspaper and periodical articles that we've read. Do any of the themes and topics in these podcasts and articles interest you? How so? How do any of these articles or podcasts relate to you and our area/ community?

Your task is to create a publication or multimedia sample that addresses an environmental issue or has an environmental theme that is in someway related to you and/ or the local community. You can choose to focus on one of the themes from the articles and podcasts we covered in class or you can choose your own.

You are free to choose the format and style of your publication. For example, you may choose to write a short feature article for a newspaper or periodical, create a blog with several posts discussing your environmental issue/ theme and your observations, or you could write and record/create a radio broadcast or podcast to present to the class. Other ideas include informative pamphlets, a power-point photo essay accompanied by a narrative, or maybe a newsletter.

All publications must include a cover-page that in someway illustrates the theme or topic that your publication addresses. This could be a provocative picture or collage; you are encouraged to be creative because these will be posted around the classroom.
-Your publication must be focused on a specific topic/ theme/ environmental issue.
-Your publication must illustrate three ways in which your chosen topic/ theme/ environmental issue is related to, or affects you and the community.
-Your publication should contain an argument/ opinion regarding your central theme/ topic/ environmental issue. *For Example: Litter and roadside trash are a growing problem in our community. Litter and roadside trash poorly affect the local community because...(your three ways/ reasons).
-You should also include one or two possible solutions or ways in which you or the community could address your environmental issue.

*You will be evaluated on your ability to clearly focus on a central theme/ topic/ issue in your publication, your inclusion of the items outlined in the guidelines, and creativity.
*Please feel free to ask/ post your questions on the blog or ask me in class. I will post answers to questions, suggestions, as well as other clarifications on the blog so that everyone can benefit and have access to them.

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miguelito said...

I've created a blog entry for each of the articles and podcasts that we have discussed in class. In each blog you will find a quick summary of each article and podcast (which you should have a copy or transcript of), as well as some ideas for projects using the ideas/ themes discussed in the articles. Feel free to use and adapt any of these ideas and suggestions to fit your needs, and create your project.