Wednesday, May 9, 2007

D.C. Area Sees Spike in Rate of Emissions

The Washington DC area, including the surrounding suburban and rural communities, is producing and expelling carbon dioxide emissions at a rate that is more than two times the national average. The rise in emission levels is due to a culmination of factors including increased energy demand and consumption, regional population growth, increased use of cars and increased travel distances. Statistics suggest that the Virginia suburbs are leading the pack in the consumption and atmospheric destruction race. The author notes that in "the District" (Washington DC), residents are "changing [their] behavior; ...leaving their cars at home and walking, biking, or taking public transportation." The author also notes that some Virginia residents are beginning to take advantage of employer and state supported eco-friendly policies and initiatives including bike lanes and the increased availability of bike racks and showers for cyclists at their place of work.

You could create an audio recording (or several) in which you describe your observations of such things like traffic, road congestion, tail-pipe emissions, number of SUVs and large trucks, etc... Then suggest ways for people in the community to cut-back on their driving and discuss why this would be a benefit to the community and the environment.
You could also interview people that you observe walking or biking to work, school, or to some other destination and record your results. You could then discuss ways in which more people could be encouraged to walk, bike, or take public transportation...

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